The all-wheel position highway rib tire that helps deliver high mileage and excellent fuel economy in commercial applications.

Wide circumferential grooves channel water out from under the contact patch for excellent traction on wet roads.

Tread compound helps reduce rolling resistance for fuel economy and resist irregular wear for long tread life.

Tough steel belt package helps protect the working plies and casing from impacts and penetrations for excellent durability.

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LR Catalog Number Loaded Radius (in) Overall Diameter (in) Overall Width(in) Approved Rims Min. Dual Spacing (in) RPM Tread Depth (32nds) Max Speed (mph) Max Load Per Tire Single lbs./psi Max Load Per Tire Dual lbs./psi Tire Weight (lbs)
D 23176 15.6 33.5 8.2 6.00, , 9.5 621 13 75 2800/75 2600/75 47.6


Load and Pressure tables are only for RV usage. Given loads are per axle end.

For RV use only, Michelin displays tire loads per axle end in the load and inflation tables, as we recommend weighing each axle end separately and using the heaviest end weight to determine the axle's cold inflation tire pressure. For control of your RV, it is critical the tire pressures be the same across an axle, while NEVER exceeding the maximum air pressure limit stamped on the wheels.

Industry load and inflation standards are in a constant state of change, and Michelin continually updates its product information to reflect these changes. Printed material may not reflect the latest load and inflation standards.

In the load and inflation tables, SINGLE means an axle with one tire mounted on each end, while DUAL means an axle with two tires mounted on each end. The loads indicated represent the total weight of an axle end in an RV application. When one axle end weighs more than the other, use the heaviest of the two end weights to determine the unique tire pressure for all tires on the axle. The maximum cold air pressure for each axle may vary, depending on their weights. These tables are applicable for all RV axles, whether or not they are power-driven.

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If you require information for this tire for normal commercial truck usage, please consult our commercial truck website at www.michelintruck.com

7.50R17 LRD 

7.50R17 XCA LRD

lbs. kg.
Single Dual Single Dual
Loads per Axle End 45
1860 3460 840 1560
2025 3760 900 1680
2185 4060 990 1840
2340 4350 1050 1960
2495 4640 1130 2100
2650 4920 1190 2220
2800 5200 1270 2360
Max Load & Pressure on Sidewall 75 psi 75 psi 520 kPa 520 kPa
2800 2600 1270 1180